AC1 to AC2 GPS Coordinate Pusher

by Jim Bouse 13. August 2013 16:37

Ok... Since it looks like UBNT isn't excited about pulling data from AC1 into AC2, I whipped up a python script that copies the GPS coordinates from AC1 to the device so that it can be used in AC2.


Don't say I didn't warn you.

That said, I have run it against my network and it just caused breif outages while devices rebooted.

# AC1 -> AC2 Coordinate Pusher 1.0
# Jim Bouse
# 8/13/2013
# jim@mobileitpro.com
# This script runs on Python 3.3.2 on Windows.
# I have not tested against any other OS or version
# This script may destroy your network.
# This script may destroy your network.
# This script may destroy your network.
# I really mean it.  If this script blows your network up, 
# I'm sorry but I did warn you.
# The purpose of this script is to query AirControl v1 and populate
# the coordinates from AC1 into the config file in the devices.
# When the coordinates are in the config file, AirControl v2 properly
# places the device after discovery.
# NOTE: <------ READ THIS !!!
# This script reboots the devices after the file change.
# This means you will lose connection and it will be a problem if you # do it during a busy time.
# GOOD NEWS is that it only does it on the devices that need it.
# BAD NEWS is that it will have to be run a few times to get all the
# devices in your org,
# because if it reboots an AP, the clients will not be able to be
# connected to until the next pass.
# Instructions: Place this script and plink into the same directory.
# Open a command prompt and CD to the directory.
# Run this file.

AC1-to-AC2-Coordinate-Pusher.py.txt (3.64 kb)


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