Zabbix template for Tycon TPDIN-Monitor-WEB

by Jim Bouse 10. September 2014 16:53

I use the Tycon web monitor to watch my batteries at the tower sites for my WISP.  I also use Zabbix for my monitoring.

Attached is the XML template that I worked up.

If anyone has suggestions/changes, let me know.

zbx_template_TYCON_TPDIN-Monitor-WEB.xml (34.64 kb)



Mikrotik Workplace VPN Logging

by Jim Bouse 8. September 2014 10:41

I recently had a customer of my WISP ask if we could give her a way to log when her employees are working remotely.  She doesn't have a huge infrastructure with sophisticated logging abilities.  She felt that her employees were claiming to work when they really weren't even logged in.


This is a two part script.  One part runs on the Mikrotik, the other as a PHP script running on their server in the office.

Part 1(a) "create a script called 'vpn-log' on the Mikrotik":

:local urlRoot "";

:foreach i in=[/interface find where type="pptp-in"] do={ 
  :local pptpName [/interface get $i name];
  :local userName [:pick $pptpName ([:find $pptpName "-"]+1) [:find $pptpName ">"]];
  set urlRoot ($urlRoot.$userName.",");
/tool fetch url="$urlRoot" keep-result=no

Part 1(b) "create the schedule":

/system scheduler add interval=1m name="Run vpn-log" on-event="/system script run vpn-log" \
    ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,winbox,password,sniff,sensitive,api \

Part 2 "create the PHP file":


$string_data = file_get_contents("current_users_DONT_DELETE.txt");
$currentUsers = unserialize($string_data);

$userArr = explode(",", $_GET['users']);
file_put_contents("current_users_DONT_DELETE.txt", serialize($userArr));

foreach ($currentUsers as $currentUser) {
	if ($currentUser !== "") {
		if (!file_exists($currentUser)) {
			mkdir($currentUser, 0777, true);
		if (!in_array($currentUser, $userArr)) {
			file_put_contents($currentUser."/".date("Y-m-d").".txt", $currentUser . " - Log Out ".date('h:i A')."\r\n", FILE_APPEND);
			echo $currentUser . " - Log Out ".date('h:i A')."<BR>";

foreach ($userArr as $user) {
	if ($user !== "") {
		if (!file_exists($user)) {
			mkdir($user, 0777, true);
		if (!in_array($user, $currentUsers)) {
			file_put_contents($user."/".date("Y-m-d").".txt", $user . " - Log In ".date('h:i A')."\r\n", FILE_APPEND);
			echo $user . " - Log In ".date('h:i A')."\n";

Note: This only shows when people log in/out of the VPN.  It has no way to know if they actually worked.  Additionally the PHP script needs write access to the directory it is in.


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