Revert PicoM2 from UniFi to AirOS

by Jim Bouse 15. May 2012 13:46

A person posted this tool on the UBNT.com forums.

The original host is/was http://www.voyagerwireless.com/ubnt/UniFi2AirOS.bin.  I have uploaded it here to make sure it is available when I need it.

UniFi2AirOS.bin (6.78 mb)



Find Who Has Locked ArcSDE Database

by Jim Bouse 4. May 2012 14:54
select start_time, owner, nodename from SDE_process_information where sde_id in (
select sde_id from SDE_table_locks where registration_id = (
select registration_id from SDE_table_registry where table_name = 'Streets'



Multiple SSID with UBNT AP's

by Jim Bouse 28. March 2012 14:00



Reset UBNT Device to Default via SSH

by Jim Bouse 28. March 2012 11:28

NOTICE! This resets it to default (factory).  If you want to just reboot, use "reboot".

cp /usr/etc/system.cfg /tmp/system.cfg; save; reboot




Mikrotik Simple Queue Script

by Jim Bouse 24. February 2012 11:48

I needed to be able to create simple queues for the /27 I got from my upstream provider.  I wanted to do this with a script instead of typing by hand and perhaps creating a typo.

  • /queue simple add name="Purchased Bandwith" max-limit=10M/10M
  • :for x from=130 to=158 do={/queue simple add name="216.xxx.70.$x" target-addresses="216.xxx.70.$x" parent="Purchased Bandwith" max-limit=384k/1M }




PowerShell - Disable user access to mailbox while still alllowing mailbox to function.

by Jim Bouse 9. November 2011 15:47

After I migrated my hundreds of users, I had some that were refusing to quit using the old webmail address.  We were retiring the URL and therefore we couldn't just stick it on the new OWA server.  To fix this, I disabled ActiveSync (for phones), OWA, and MAPI (for Outlook).

The code is as follows:

Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "Some OU" -DomainController "Some DC" | Set-CASMailbox -OWAEnable:$false -ActiveSyncEnabled:$false -MAPIEnabled:$false

A few days after this change, a couple of the stragglers relunctantly started using the new OWA.... and liked it. 

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PowerShell - Export Group Members to CSV

by Jim Bouse 16. October 2011 16:52

This script will export a .CSV for each group in an OU.  The CSV will be named the same as the group name.

Use this code on an Exchange Server:

Get-Group -OrganizationalUnit "Some OU" | ForEach-Object { Get-Group -Identity $_.Name | ForEach { $_.Members } | Get-User | Export-Csv ($_.Name + '.csv') }


Use this code on an machine with Import-Module ActiveDirectory loaded:

Get-ADGroup -OrganizationalUnit "Some OU" | ForEach-Object { Get-ADGroup -Identity $_.Name | ForEach { $_.Members } | Get-ADUser | Export-Csv ($_.Name + '.csv') }

* Greg Martin suggested I clear this up...  Thanks!

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Hurricane Ike Pictures

by Jim Bouse 13. September 2008 02:10



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