Make UBNT device use a single polarity.

by Jim Bouse 16. December 2013 11:36

FYI in /tmp/system.cfg (configuration file):

radio.1.txchainmask=[bit mask]
radio.1.rxchainmask=[bit mask]

Where bit mask means which chain/chains to enable:

1(0bit) - chain0

2(1bit) - chain1

4(2bit) - chain2

So you can make combinations like 1 and 4 = 5, means chain0 and chain2 enabled. And so on.

NOTE: Chains are HW specif, not all have all chains or the same chains.

I guess my sample will help to make live easier and avoid custom scripts to be installed.


Lifted from: http://community.ubnt.com/t5/Installation-Troubleshooting/iwpriv-to-make-2x2-devices-work-like-1x1/m-p/657119/highlight/true#M57052


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